"The vision is to create premium basics, produced as responsibly as possible. Timeless pieces accessible for everyone. Long-lasting affordable wardrobe staples for all occasions."

Tom Sunde

Vulkan Executive was founded in Oslo in 2023 with the goal of creating the perfect t-shirt. 

Effortless Basics

At Vulkan Executive, simplicity and ease define our brand. Our value proposition is clear: to offer high-quality basics at a fair price. We prioritize fabrics, comfort, and fit to develop products that are both timeless and durable, becoming beloved staples in any wardrobe. All our products are responsibly produced in Europe, ensuring the entire value chain is considered. Each item is manufactured to the highest standards and is either GOTS or OCS certified. We call this our 'effortless basics'.

Our current collection features a variety of basics, including classic fit t-shirts, box fit t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, crewnecks, and boxer briefs. We are excited to announce that tank tops will soon join our growing selection.
Our vision is to create the world's best basics. We started with the essentials first – The perfect t-shirt. A foundational piece of soft and high-quality fabric with the right fit, produced sustainably.

We're committed to providing high quality premium basics, ensuring customer satisfaction, and reducing our environmental impact through longevity and sustainable practices.

We value comfort, timeless design and high quality. In today's market, there's often little to no correlation between quality and price. Our value proposition is to change this. We believe in quality basics at a sensible price.