1. The Agreement

This agreement comprises these terms and conditions, information provided during the ordering process, and any separately agreed terms. Should there be any conflict between the documents, the separately agreed terms between the parties shall prevail, provided they do not conflict with mandatory legislation. Additionally, this agreement is supplemented by relevant legal provisions governing the purchase of goods between businesses and consumers.

2. The Parties

  • Seller: Vulkan Consulting AS, organization number: 930 858 471.
  • Buyer: The consumer placing the order, referred to as the buyer hereafter.

3. Price

The price stated for the goods and services is the total price the buyer shall pay, including all taxes and additional charges. The buyer shall not incur any additional costs not disclosed by the seller before the purchase.

4. Conclusion of the Agreement

The agreement becomes binding for both parties once the buyer has submitted their order to the seller. However, it is not binding if there are typographical errors in the offer from the seller in the ordering process or in the buyer's order, and the other party realized or should have realized such an error.

5. Payment

The seller may request payment for the goods from the time of dispatch. Payment options include Klarna, Vipps, VISA, and credit cards. For inquiries about Klarna invoices, please contact Klarna directly. Note: Buyers under 18 years cannot pay with an invoice.

6. Delivery

Delivery occurs when the buyer or their representative receives the goods, typically through mail delivery within 2-5 days, depending on the postal address. All deliveries are managed by Bring.

7. Risk of the Goods

The risk for the goods transfers to the buyer upon their receipt or their representative's receipt in accordance with point 6.

8. Right of Withdrawal

The buyer may withdraw from the purchase in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Act, provided the agreement isn't exempt from the right of withdrawal. Withdrawal must be communicated within 30 days, with all calendar days included. The period for withdrawal begins as specified in various scenarios regarding the receipt of goods, subscriptions, or multiple deliveries.

9. Complaints and Defects

If a defect in the goods exists, the buyer must notify the seller within a reasonable time after discovery. The buyer may withhold payment, demand correction or replacement, demand a price reduction, rescind the agreement, and/or claim compensation depending on the nature of the defect.

10. Seller's Rights in Case of Buyer's Default

If the buyer fails to fulfill their obligations, the seller may withhold goods, demand performance, rescind the agreement, and/or claim compensation from the buyer. This includes the right to interest on late payment, collection fees, and a fee for uncollected goods.

11. Conflict Resolution

Disputes should be resolved amicably or through mediation by the Consumer Authority. The European Commission's complaint portal may also be utilized, especially by consumers residing in other EU countries.

Additional Provisions

  • Warranty: Any warranty does not limit the buyer's right to complaints and claims for defects or delays.
  • Personal Data: Personal data collected is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Act, with Vulkan Consulting AS as the data controller.
  • Conflict Resolution: Complaints should first be addressed to the seller. Unresolved disputes may be brought to the Consumer Authority or through the European Commission's complaint portal.