Vulkan Executive is an effortless, minimalistic and authentic brand born in the heart of Oslo. We appeciate great 

Sustainability + 

Celebrating the hedonistic way of living. 


Elevate your basics. 


with a hedonist approach to life. D

Our brand is centered around a way of living rather than seasons, geners or fashion trends. This is our approach to challenging fast fashion, by breaking the cycle of constantly launching new styles after new styles. We want to promise our customers and clients that our styles will stay relevant year after year. 

Countermeasure to overconsumption, rapid trend cycles and the need for constant change. We want to encourage a concious mindset towards ourselves and others when it comes to our wardrobes, creating timeless stables. 

 uncompromising in aesthetics. 


We are timeless

From our design ethos to our manufacturing process and sustainable business ethic, our mission is to create the world's best basics, offering a selection of high-quality ethically made clothing that you will love for year to come.

We are fair

We work with Europe-based manufacturers and all our products are GOTS certified. We take pride in our ethical values and want you to feel confident that when you wear Vulkan Executive, you're not compomising on quality.